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About Us

Here at the Promise we understand that the key to changing our world is a strong church, and the key to building a strong church is having strong families. The key to a strong family is one that is rooted and built on the Gospel.  Our mission is focused toward strengthening families starting with Sunday services.  Around here you will often hear the phrase "family style" which means we participate in worship and service together as one big family, old and young alike, where wisdom and child like faith live in close community.  We strongly believe that children will learn and grow more from watching their parents than they would in any other setting. We provide each child with their very own Promise Land Kids program with activities and games to help them stay engaged with the message.  Each program has questions they get to take home and talk with their family’s about what they learned.

We are not a church interested in making "good Christians" but rather that we would become "good worshippers of God".  That our worship of God would then influence who we are making us good Christians.  Being lights in this dark world.

For it is by;
Grace Alone
Faith Alone
Christ Alone
Through the revelation of
Scripture Alone
that we are saved for the 
Sole Glory of God.

We would love for you to come worship with us Sunday morning at 10am.

If you have any questions you can contact us by email at
or leave a message at 951-658-2402

Have a blessed day.

Community Groups

Part of our Christian walk is our fellowshipping with our church family.
Join us as we take what we learned on Sunday and take it into the homes and work through it together.

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Daily Devotion


Trusting God as Father and Savior

Even as Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness. Galatians 3:6

suggested further reading: Ephesians 1:11–23

It is helpful here to understand how Abraham believed in God. If Abraham had simply believed there was a God in heaven, that could not have justified him, for the pagans believed as much. If Abraham had simply believed that God was the judge of all the earth, that would not have sufficed, either. But God said to Abraham, “Abram, I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward,” and “I will be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee.” He also said all nations would be blessed in Abraham (Gen. 15:1; 17:7).

God spoke with Abraham, testifying that he counted him a member of his family and one of his own children. He also said that he would be Abraham’s God. When Abraham accepted this promise, he was justified. How is this? Well, when God presented Abraham with his bounty and grace, Abraham believed and accepted God’s word. In this his salvation was completely secure.

Now we have a much clearer idea of what it means to be justified by faith. It does not mean we possess a vague notion that God exists, but rather that we know him as our Father and our Savior, since he reveals himself thus in his Word. Through Jesus Christ, we are united and joined to God.

Although we are wretched creatures, full of wickedness, God will still accept us as his own and find us pleasing in his sight. This is only possible because our Lord Jesus Christ mediates between God and man. Having such a promise, we must entirely rest upon it and not doubt that God will be favorable to us to the end. When we call upon him, we may find all our refuge in him, leaving the world behind us and pressing on in the hope of eternal life.

for meditation:
Saving faith is trust in Christ. It is falling helplessly into his arms and resting there, confident that he will take care of us. Though Christ had not yet appeared, Abraham had this same trust. He did not simply believe that God had promised something; he trusted in the promise. Do you trust Christ?


 Calvin, J., & Beeke, J. R. (2008). 365 Days with Calvin (p. 363). Leominster; Grand Rapids, MI: Day One Publications; Reformation Heritage Books.

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The Gospel Alliance

The Gospel Alliance is a movement of covenant partners who are engaging leaders and communities with the transforming message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in order to make more and stronger disciples.

This movement was started by a group of leaders from within the RCA (Reformed Church in America) but all churches and leaders are invited to join.

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Sermon Series

God's people do not found their Hope in the world, but rather in the promises of God.  
So it is today just as it was in the times of the Old Testament.

Zechariah was a prophet to the Jewish people sent by God to lead a people into regaining the Hope they lost.  A people who were just released from over 75 years of captivity and sent back to their home.  Only to find that their cities, God's temple and everything they knew was destroyed.

Where the fire burned in the people to rebuild as they marched home.  It quickly burned out as they faced daily external oppression and internal depression. 

In this 18 week study through the book of Zechariah, we will see that the only Hope, Joy or Peace the people of God will find, is found in the promise of His love.  

For we have a King or Kings, a Priest of Priest, a Prophet of Prophets.  We have our Lord Jesus Christ.


Scrip is a fundraiser that helps send our kids and councilors to Hume Lake each year.
Scrip is the selling of gift cards that pay back a percentage of the card's value to the ministry.

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