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About Us

Here at the Promise we understand that the key to changing our world is a strong church, and the key to building a strong church is having strong families. The key to a strong family is one that is rooted and built on the Gospel.  Our mission is focused toward strengthening families starting with Sunday services.  Around here you will often hear the phrase "family style" which means we participate in worship and service together as one big family, old and young alike, where wisdom and child like faith live in close community.  We strongly believe that children will learn and grow more from watching their parents than they would in any other setting. We provide each child with their very own Promise Land Kids program with activities and games to help them stay engaged with the message.  Each program has questions they get to take home and talk with their family’s about what they learned.

We are not a church interested in making "good Christians" but rather that we would become "good worshippers of God".  That our worship of God would then influence who we are making us good Christians.  Being lights in this dark world.

For it is by;
Grace Alone
Faith Alone
Christ Alone
Through the revelation of
Scripture Alone
that we are saved for the 
Sole Glory of God.

We would love for you to come worship with us Sunday morning at 10am.

If you have any questions you can contact us by email at
or leave a message at 951-658-2402

Have a blessed day.

The Gospel Alliance

The Gospel Alliance is a movement of covenant partners who are engaging leaders and communities with the transforming message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in order to make more and stronger disciples.

This movement was started by a group of leaders from within the RCA (Reformed Church in America) but all churches and leaders are invited to join.

To learn more click the link below

Daily Devotion


The Wonder of his Benefits

What shall I render unto the Lord for all his benefits toward me? Psalm 116:12

suggested further reading: Psalm 136

The psalmist now exclaims that the multitude of God’s benefits to him is so great that he cannot find adequate language to express his gratitude. His question is emphatic, What shall I render unto the Lord?, indicating that it was not his desire but the means that were inadequate to render thanks to God. Acknowledging this inability, the psalmist uses the only means in his power to extol the grace of God. He seems to say, “I am exceedingly wishful to discharge my duty, but when I look around me, I find nothing that will prove an adequate recompense.”

He cannot offer to God sufficient compensation for his benefits, the psalmist says, adding that he felt obligated to do so not just for one series of benefits but for a variety of innumerable benefits. “There is no benefit on account of which God has not made me a debtor to him; how should I have the means of repaying him for them?” he seems to ask. Since the means of recompense fails him, the expression of thanksgiving is the only thing he can offer that will be acceptable to God.

David’s example teaches us not to treat God’s benefits lightly or carelessly, for if we estimate them according to their value, that very thought ought to fill us with admiration. Each one of us has had God’s benefits heaped upon us. But our pride, which carries us away into extravagant theories, causes us to forget this very doctrine of God’s generosity toward us. Nonetheless, that ought to engage our unremitting attention. Furthermore, God’s bounty toward us merits more praise because he expects no recompense from us, nor can receive any, for he stands in need of nothing, and we are poor and destitute in all things.

for meditation:
It is so easy to think that certain blessings are owed to us, but this is not a proper way to cultivate thankfulness to God. David’s perspective is much healthier; his praise flows out of recognizing the wonder of these blessings and their source in God. What impact could this perspective have on your day today?


 Calvin, J., & Beeke, J. R. (2008). 365 Days with Calvin (p. 101). Leominster; Grand Rapids, MI: Day One Publications; Reformation Heritage Books.

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Sermon Series

Join us Sunday mornings as we study our way through the book of Judges.   

We will take 21 weeks to look at the book of Judges as we should, a book written by God to reveal Himself to His people.  
We will see how faithful our God is in spite of how unfaithful His people are.


Scrip is a fundraiser that helps send our kids and councilors to Hume Lake each year.
Scrip is the selling of gift cards that pay back a percentage of the card's value to the ministry.

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